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What is the Exhaust Gas Circle?

It is a niche community site for people who share a common interest in exhaust fumes, motorsports, racing gear, synthetic clothing, deforestation, and a couple of other, related topics. The front page mentions some examples of the topics discussed on the site.

If this makes little sense to you, I'm working on a more detailed introduction that tries to explain how and why some people develope a fondness for exhaust fumes, or other forms of environmental pollution and destruction. This will be based around my own history and preferences; of course there are many members with different viewpoints on the site.

Members of the site can use a variety of interactive community features to get to know like-minded people from all around the world, exchange views, opinions and experiences, share links, photos, videos, and much more. Main functionality includes a discussion forum, interest groups, member blogs, a live chat, photo and video sharing, link sharing, and private messaging.

How to join

Because I would like to keep the Exhaust Gas Circle a friendly community, I chose to manually approve every new member registration. That is why you are required to write a short "application" when first signing up—nothing but a few words about the nature of your interest in the topics of the community.

I do not use the manual approval process discriminatorily! Everyone is welcome to join, as long as they are interested in enjoying and contributing to the community constructively, rather than being disruptive. Even if your views differ from or starkly oppose ours, you are still very welcome to join, as long as you pledge to be a constructive member.

Exclusive content for full members

There are some sections and functions of the site that are reserved for "Full" members. Every member can be promoted from Basic to Full status by completing their profile and having at least introduced themselves on the forums. Most notably, Full members get access to the Downloads forum, which contains direct download links for some of the files in the Exhaust Gas File Archive, which are not distributed publicly.

Overview of site features

Here is an overview of all current features on the site, and what members can use them for. Of course, suggestions for new functionality are always welcome!

  • Dashboard: Your membership hub, where you can see the newsfeed of recent activity relating to your membership, links to your content, and a list of members that recently visited your profile.
  • Forums: Various boards where you can start and participate in discussions with other members, about all the topics covered on this site.
  • Groups: Members who share specific interests can form and join their own groups, dedicated to the respective topic. Every group has its own discussion forum.
  • Blogs: Every member is given their own blog for them to publish whatever they like to the rest of the community.
  • Photos: Create albums to upload and share your photos.
  • Videos: Found an interesting video on YouTube, Vimeo, or similar video sharing site? You can embed the video here and share it with us. Collected videos can be watched right from this site.
  • Events: If you want to organise a meeting (virtual or real-world), you can enter your details here and invite other members.
  • Profiles: Each member can fill out a profile with information about themselves. Among other things, profiles show what particular topics of this site a certain member is or is not interested in. That way you can, for example, find out whether our members include someone living near you and sharing your interest in dirtbikes.
  • Friendships: You can befriend other members on the site, so that you'll be notified whenever they post new content.
  • Private messaging: You can contact other site members in confidence by writing them a private message.
  • Likes and comments: All contents on the site can be 'liked' and commented on.

About the site

This is a community site for people sharing an exhaust gas fetish, also called exhaust fume fetish or simply exhaust fetish.

Dies ist eine Seite für Menschen mit Vorlieben die man als Abgasfetisch oder Auspufffetisch bezeichnen könnte.
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