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This website will be shut down on November 2nd, 2018. Effective immediately, registration is closed to new members. Already registered members will find a more detailed explanation about the site closure in the forums.

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Exhaust fumes
(Photo: The Environmental Blog)
Women in motorsports
Junior motorsports
Motorsports gear
Synthetic clothing
Wet- and drysuits

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Many people enjoy the sight, sound, smell and feel of nature being polluted with exhaust fumes – probably more than you would think. Even though this site is only just starting out, we currently have

273 registered members.

All registrations are approved manually, so these are all real people with a genuine interest in the topics discussed on the site. To date, we've shared among the community

3,172 photos,
167 videos and
204,707 private messages.
(stats last updated 6 August, 2018)

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Kart racers
For all members who actively race karts, competitively or as a hobby.
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Black diesel smoke lovers
For all who love to see and produce black smoke.
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Samples of exclusive videos

Girl on two-stroke dirtbike blowing exhaust fumes. Mädchen auf einem Zweitakt-Dirtbike bläst Abgase in die Luft.
Two-stroke lawn trimmer blowing a cloud of thick exhaust fumes into plants. Zweitakt-Rasentrimmer Motorsense bläst dicke Abgaswolke in die Pflanzen.
Video thumbnail
Video thumbnail
Motocross rider plays with his exhaust gas. Motocrossfahrer spielt mit seinen Abgasen.
Two-stroke scooter blowing blue exhaust fumes out of its tailpipe. Zweitaktroller bläst blaue Abgase aus seinem Auspuff.
Beautiful, majestic, healthy tree is being killed and cut down with a chainsaw. Schöner, gesunder, majestätischer Baum wird getötet, Lieblingsbaum mit Motorsäge Kettensäge gefällt.

For fans of senseless, pointless pollution

Welcome to the Exhaust Gas Circle, a niche community site for people who like the exhaust fumes of gasoline engines.

Many of us are into exhaust fumes mostly wherever and whenever they are produced purely for fun or sport. It excites us to see the air being polluted just for personal joy and recreation, or out of simple indifference and selfishness – much more so than when the fumes are a byproduct of a more "serious" task. While there is a clear focus on exhaust fumes, some related topics and other forms of environmental pollution are also discussed. The main themes include:

▶ Petrol/gas engines and exhaust gas
▶ Motorsports and motorised leisure activities
▶ Junior and women's motorsports
▶ Motorsports gear and helmets
▶ Other synthetic and protective clothing
▶ Tree cutting and deforestation
▶ Other forms of pollution and environmental destruction

If now you're wondering what on Earth is going on here, you can keep an eye on my Abgas homepage, where I will soon explain in more detail how I personally think this fondness for exhaust fumes evolved.

It might seem strange that there are people who like exhaust fumes, which is why those who do often keep it a secret. However, most would be surprised to find out how many people, in one way or another, share this fondness. As it can be very difficult to find like-minded people, I started this site for everyone who shares this penchant to meet and talk.

However, the site is generally open to anyone who's interested in the topics discussed, regardless of whether they share our interests or not. Whether you found this site because you love exhaust fumes and are happy to have found like-minded people, or you're just an interested passer-by who is wondering how and why someone would be into these things, you're very welcome to join.

How do I get in?

Because I want to keep the site free of spammers, you'll have to register for an account in order to enter. Registration is completely free!

The registration form includes a field called Why I'm here, where I ask you to write just one short sentence about your interest in the site. This is only to help me tell that you're not a robot, and generally know what the site is about.

I want to stress that I do welcome members who don't share our views. If you're just curious what this is all about, want to read some of our discussions and ask a few questions, you're very welcome to do so. Just say so in the Why I'm here field, and I'll approve your registration. Even if you're the staunchest treehugger environmentalist, if you can keep a civil tone we'd love for you to join!

If you're interested in joining, head over to the registration page.

What's inside?

The core of the site are the discussion forums, where members can share and exchange thoughts, experiences, personal stories, theories, and anything else they can think of. Members also commonly share interesting things they've found on the web or elsewhere, and figure out who shares their views and interests. Members can create and join groups for specific interests, and the site also offers private messaging, which can, for instance, help in setting up real-world meetings.

The site also includes sections for sharing links to interesting videos, and a photo gallery where members can upload pictures they took themselves, or found elsewhere. Everything on the site can be liked and commented on.

Being a member will also give you a chance to access a private downloads section that contains many videos, photos, and other related files that you can't find anywhere else, either because they've been made specifically for members of the site, or because they can be no longer found at their original source in the web.

Join now for some of the greatest photos and videos showing beautiful people polluting pristine nature with thick, noxious exhaust fumes!

Tree stumps left over after beautiful old trees have been cut down in a nature reserve. Deforestation. Baumstumpfe bleiben übrig, nachdem schöne alte Bäume gefällt und in einem Naturschutzgebiet abgeholzt wurden. Kahlschlag.

Featured photos – a few impressions of what awaits you inside

About the site

This is a community site for people sharing an exhaust gas fetish, also called exhaust fume fetish or simply exhaust fetish.

Dies ist eine Seite für Menschen mit Vorlieben die man als Abgasfetisch oder Auspufffetisch bezeichnen könnte.
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